Specialty OR Variety

Specialty OR Variety

You know how some restaurants have all kinds of cuisine available? Chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai, etc. When you eat in one of these restaurants, you realize that nothing is authentic and everything tastes the same. No quality at all.

While some restaurants have a "Short and Sweet" menu. That's their specialty and that's what they are famous for. The food is authentic and the quality is good.
We had a few clients who hired an interior design company and awarded them a turn-key project, for example, HVAC, electrical plumbing, firefighting, etc. The idea behind this decision is that they don't want any headaches coordinating with different companies.
"You want to escape headaches?" You end up having nightmares."

There are some companies that advertise themselves as restaurants that can do everything. It is a very attractive proposal for the client since they don't want any hassle of coordination and it is possibly cheap as well.



Dear End Users,
You have to understand that people dedicate their lives to mastering a particular set of skills and gaining knowledge on a particular subject. So, please, if it is your own job, go through the trouble of hiring different people who are experts in their field. You will get authenticity and quality. But if you rely on one company that says it can do everything, you will end up with poor quality work.

Tolerate a few days of headaches to escape the everlasting nightmare.
P.S. These are my observations. I am also a consumer and I believe every consumer out there should get what they are paying for. They should be well informed about the products and services.