LV Panel Replacement

25+ Years old LV Panel needed a make over. But due to high volume of work load the factory couldn't be shutdown for more than 1 day. The scope of work was to dismantle the old LV Panel and replace it with New LV Panel. Also, we had to make sure that all the incoming and outgoing cable lengths were sufficient for the New LV Panel.

Dismantling and removal of old LV Panel and replacing it with New LV Panel along with cable glanding and termination. Complete system up and running within 12 Hours.

2500A LV Panel

Supply and Installation of

2 x 2500A LV Panel
Capacitor Bank
Floor SMDB
Chiller SMDB with Motorized MCCB

for a 2B+G+12 Building in Al Barsha. 

Additional 1500KVA Sub-Station

A Metal Foundry on the verge of expansion required an addtional 1500KVA Sub-Station.
After a complete site survey, we built Sub-Station Base, Electrical Room and ACB Housing.
We designed the Load Schedule, Circuit Diagram, Single Line Diagram and HV and LV Transmission route. 
We supplied and installed LV Cables and Switchgears for power distribution in the entire factory. 

It was a complete turnkey project.

Power Re-Distribution

Interior and Furniture manufacturing company leased a ready to move in warehouse. But was not sure if the available Electricity Load was sufficient for running all the machineries. We did a site survey to check the available load and reviewed the requirements of the customers. We than re-distributed the electricity supply by modifying the LV Panel and SMDB and laying new cables to the location of the machines. 

Office + Warehouse + Labor Accomodation

Assembling of 1600A LV Panel and SMDB according to FEWA specifications. Supply, Installation and Termination of all the panels in the site. 

Additional Load and Power Distribution

Online company dealing in health supplements wanted to maintain a 24 Degress Celsius Temperature throughout the store. Evaluated the existing load and applied to DEWA for additional load. Distributed the load proportionally throughout the warehouse for A/C unit. 

Meter Installation

Supply and Installation of 3-Phase digital meter for a big industry to monitor the usage of its machineries. 

Sweet Factory

Evaluate the existing load and applying to DEWA for additional load. Preparation of existing and proposed load schedule, circuit design and single line diagram. Complete Electrical Installation work for the factory with GI Pipes, Cable Tray, Armored Cable and high quality switchgear panels. 

Multi-Storey Car Storage Facility

A very prestigious and luxury car distributor in Dubai was building a multi-storey car storage facility in JAFZA. They had fifty 3-tier car lifts, each using 9.5kW. The total load requirement was 50 x 9.5kW = 475kW.

The problem was that they only had 130kW of spare load available on their LV Panel. Getting a new sub-station would be very expensive. Some people suggested using a PLC-based electrical and mechanical interlocking system. It might be a solution, but that would again cost a lot of money and time to do all the wiring and not to mention the maintenance of such control panels. In the long run, it becomes even more expensive because of the down time.

We proposed and executed a solution that did not require a new sub-station and also had no additional control wires or control panels. Our solution saved the client a lot of money and down time for maintenance.

Best of all, Our proposed solution was approved by DEWA!