Only DEWA Approved Contractor like ourselves can apply to DEWA for Electricity and Water Meter. The process and required documentation differs depending on the projects. The projects maybe classified into following types
1.      Fit Out – A Shop/Showroom or Office is in Shell and Core State. Usually DEWA meter is not installed for these kind of premises. The tenant needs to hire a DEWA approved contractor to design Electrical Load Schedules and Drawings to Submit to DEWA for approval. The tenant has to make sure all the internal electrical work is done as per DEWA approved drawings. Then DEWA approved contractor can apply for DEWA Inspection. Once DEWA inspection is successfully approved. DEWA will release the electricity meter.
2.      New Connection – This applies mostly for new construction of Buildings, Warehouse, Villas and Signage/Billboard.

DEWA Approvals

For Fit Out, drawing approval will take no longer than 6 working days. Once the physical work is completed, the inspection happens within 2 working days. Assuming the inspection is approved, meter is released within 2 working days.

Cost depends on factors like existing site conditions, size of the area and nature of business. You may contact us for quotation.

You will only get an email with the application number stating that the inspection is approved.

Usually the Landlord or the Facility Management Company should be able to provide you this information. In case they cannot, then you may contact us at info@murjangroup.com OR Whatsapp at 0559616928 for a site visit. To make our communication more fruitful, please have your requirements handy such as your equipment details with kW.

You need to apply to DEWA for additional load through a DEWA approved Electrical Contractor like ourselves. We will assess your requirements and existing site conditions and apply for Electricity NOC and then prepare Electrical Load Schedule, Drawings and Single Line Diagrams to submit to DEWA for approval. Once the drawings are approved, electrical work has to be executed as per DEWA approved drawings, followed by DEWA inspection and release of the meter with additional load.

Allow at least 20-30 working days. This also depends on the size of the project, existing site conditions and load requirements.

Unfortunately no. Therefore we recommend to plan in advance. You can reduce the time by executing the electrical installations work more effectively by hiring only DEWA approved contractors.

DEWA Approved Electrical Contractor

DEWA estimate is the cost associated with doing the necessary infrastructure work to provide electricity, such as laying cables and other civil work. We can only know the exact cost once the drawings are approved and passed on to the estimation department. The link below will provide a rough idea.

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) | Electricity Connection Cost Calculator

DEWA estimate is directly payable to DEWA without any contractor involvement.

For additional meter, first you need Dubai Municipality (DM) approval. Once you get the DM approval, we can apply to DEWA for additional meter.

With over 4 decades of experience in Electrical Installation field, we are well qualified in theory and practice to provide consultation services for any Electrical Power distribution project. We have the on-field experience to provide solutions to the most complex problems.

Yes, we are TESLA certified Electrician to install TESLA Wall Connectors.